1. Tips for a (Student) Freelance Filmmaker

    Having worked on numerous productions for the past 3 years, from music videos to comedy pilots, I have built up quite a lot of experience and knowledge on filmmaking. This knowledge is something that anyone who has been on a set of any capacity will know, but as it says in the title, these are tips for students wrote by a fellow peer.

    Before I jump into this, I just want to give you a small background on myself so that you know that i’m not just some random person who filmed a gig on their Sony Cyber Shot and uploaded it to youtube in 240p titled “MY SICK MUSIC VID”.

    My name is Matt Welch, i’m a 19 year old freelance Filmmaker who is currently studying Moving Image at Liverpool Media Academy. I’ve directed, shot and edited things from college (Plan of Action, RedBull (Advert)) from two years ago, my own things rather recently (Life on Mark, The Wellees Live) as well as just solely editing projects like birthday parties and Promos. I’ve also recorded sound on a few projects and helped out with lighting and even as just your average runner.

    Thats not me bragging about all the things i’ve worked on, its more like the first tip; Master Everything.

    What i mean by this is, don’t say “I’m a director, I never want to use a camera" or "i’m a camera man, I don’t want to learn how to edit”. This is one of the worst attitudes to have when it comes to filmmaking. I love editing, its probably the thing i do most and the thing that gives me the biggest kick, but if someone asked me to jump on a boom pole for their project I would never say “no, I only edit”.

    Even if you only want to do one specific role, its only an advantage if your working on small budgets (which will more than likely be no budgets if your only just starting off) and the sound op has pulled his back and can’t operate the boom, you can step in. 

    Knowing a little bit about everything gets you a long way. Be open to learning new things in this industry. Being able to know how someone else’s role works means that you won’t impede or harm their work and at the same time their work won’t impede on your work. For Instance, if you’re a cam op, and you’re setting up for a close up, the boom can get in closer to the subject because the shot will be tighter, this means that the audio will be better for the production. If you didn’t know much about booms, then you’d think that they could be placed anywhere so you couldn’t let to boom op know where your shot is and in turn the audio wouldn’t be as crisp as it could have been. That might seem like i’m rambling but its a pretty big point to get across.

    Leading on from this and another pretty important thing to take on board is Never turn a job down. Not just because of the economical climate, but because every job is a lesson. You will learn more with every shoot you do. 

    I know a person who was in the same class as me who said “I only want to make my own projects, I never want to do corporate work”.

    No. no. no. no. no. no.

    Never ever think like this, if something isn’t up your street it doesn’t matter, your working, Learning. It might be something stupid like filming a 30 second clip of a car, driving past, but you’ll be using your camera and still making something. 

    theres another tip; Making something is better than making nothing.

    Theres millions of more tips for us student filmmakers out there and i’ll write another one soon, but as of now, Im procrastinating because I have to carry on with another edit, but, until next time fellow filmmakers and thanks for reading



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  3. A few weeks ago, Me and my friend made a music video for a talented singer called Daryl Wafer. My friend was director of photography and i was in charge of post production. 

    On a cold Thursday morning with a nice cup of coffee, we set up in liverpool docks to shoot the first take. 8 hours later we where finished and an extra 20 hours cutting, colour grading adding lens flairs and general touch ups. This is the finished piece and i think its one of the best colour grades i’ve produced. 

    Give it a watch because he’s a great guy and to views and shares will get him noticed. 


  4. Just another couple of pictures i’ve taken and edited with the help of the little app known as Instagram. It just goes to show the quality of photography can be done so simply and so mobile.

    All these pictures had been taken by myself and edited on Instagram

  5. Nothing beats having a nice latte in a small coffee shop listening to your favourite music and catching up on whats happening in the world.

  6. Here are a few pictures I edited from a number of different days taking photo’s around Liverpool with my Canon 600D DLSR. I have edited all the photos on a software called Camera Bag 2. Its available on the Mac App Store, check this link out to find out more Info.

  7. Back in September, I made a music video for a friend of mine’s band. The band are called The Wellees, a acoustic duo from Liverpool, England that consists of Samuel Lee and Marcus Wells.

    The music video for the song ‘Between The Two’, was shot using three Canon 600D DSLR’s using two 18-55mm Lens’ and one 50mm prime. 

    The lighting was achieved using a simple 3 point lighting set up, masterminded by my friend and colleague Ben Johnson  with a red gel diffuser on the key light, a green gel on the fill, and a blue gel on the backlight. The reasoning behind this was because the studio was plain black, and we wanted to add something to the shots that made it look more interesting. The outcome? i’ll leave you to decide whether it worked or not, but myself and Ben were pretty pleased.

    The project was edited on Final Cut X and took around 20 hours to finish and I really liked the outcome (and so did The Wellees), and I think it turned out a really enjoyable project.

    If you have not seen it, I would urge you to click the link as they’re really talented, top lads, and I’d love to hear your thoughts so just drop a comment on this or youtube.




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